Amber Monstrance was made in 2014 for special order for parish St. Jadwiga Queen in Gdańsk, to celebrate 25th jubilee. Presented Monstrance weighs 6,27 kg and is high for 105 cmIt was made of 5,1 kg of silver and 4,5 kg raw amber. Monstrance is also adorn in other stones, for example: cubic zirconia, grenade and pearls.


All silver elements were hardened. They were also gold plated and rhodium plated to secure against oxidation and darkening. Outline of the project made priest Paweł Lewańczyk, author of the project is the owner of the company Tomasz Pisanko.

On the memorial plaque is engraved inscription:

Monstrance was made in 25th Year of Jubilee erection of
Roman Catholic parish St. Jadwiga Queen, Gdańsk Orunia Górna
Pope – Saint Francis
Metropolis of Gdansk – Archbishop Sławoj Leszek Głódź
Parish Priest – Priest Canon Remigiusz Langowski
Designer – Tomasz Pisanko
The contractor of the work – company ArtSzok Tomasz Pisanko
and employees Andrzej Kiedysz and Bartosz Pospiech.
Gratitude and honor to Donors, Benefactors and Contractors of the work.”

More information on websites:,Jezyk,pid,2218,lang,1.html

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